CTS-5606688 is Discontinued

Code: CTS-5606688

Price: $147.50

Product Details

A faster, easy-to-use tire changer specifically engineered for oversized, run-flat, and low profile applications.


In addition to leverless operation, the ProGuard Leverless tire changer has built-in features that take the strain out of tire changing: lifting, prepping, bead loosening, mounting, and demounting can all be done with easy-to-use controls from a single operator location.

  • Leverless Power Duckhead Bead Lifter - The leverless design eliminates traditional tire tools that can mar the surface due to application difficulty or operator error. This results in a more controlled mount/demount process, flexing the beads just enough for removal or installation.
  • Protective Pedestal & Center Lock Design - Whether you’re working a regular or reverse mount wheel, the detachable center post locks it securely in position right at the strongest part of the wheel. Plus, a non-marring replaceable cover protects even the most delicate wheels.
  • Built-In Adjustable Wheel Lift - Controlled through an easy-to-reach pedal, the automated wheel lift eliminates the strenuous process of manually placing heavy tire and wheel assemblies over the clamping chuck.
  • Bead Loosener Disc and Tower - Loosen beads easily and effectively, with unmatched precision. The easy-to-use controls keep the disc at the proper location on the tire — safely away from the wheel. And after you clear the rim edge, the disc advances to maintain pressure on the bead, not the sidewall — with the press of one button. You can even lock in your settings for the next wheel.
  • Robo-Arm Helper Device - This powered assist device is a must have for mounting run-flat and low profile tires. The Robo-Arm effortlessly keeps the top bead in the drop center while servicing even the toughest applications.
  • Tilt Back Tool Tower - The tool head and Leverless Power Duckhead Bead Lifter are mounted to a traditional tilt back tower that stows out of the way when not in use. It also retains your tool head height settings for the next tire.


  • Rim Sizes 10in. - 34in.
  • Max Tire Diameter 47in. (1200mm)
  • Max Wheel Width 16in. (406mm)
  • Wheel Lift Capacity 175 lbs (80kg)
  • Bead Beaker Force 2,700 lbs (12,000 N)
  • Operating Pressure 116 - 145 pst (8 - 10 bar)
  • Power Supply 220v, 1ph
  • Inflating Pressure Limiting Device Max 50 psi (3.5 bar)
  • Rotating Speed 7 - 14 rpm Forward; 7 rpm Reverse
  • Net Weight 940 lbs (425 kg)
  • Wheels Handled steel, alloy, high-performance
  • Mount/Demount Mechanism automatic tilt back
  • Tool Head Offset Adjustment pneumatic lift, set back, and lock
  • Bead Loosening System roller disc
  • Helper Devices Robo-Arm, Wheel Lift
  • Inflation Gauge standard
  • Max Air Source 175 psi, 5 scfm