WAE-FPT27 is Discontinued

Code: WAE-FPT27

Price: $770.94

Product Details

The Fastest, MOST Reliable Cap Tester Made!

The WAE-FPT27 was designed for fully automated fuel cap testing in compliance with all applicable State and Federal emission inspection standards. The I/M Electronic Fuel Cap Tester may be used with a communication link to any BAR97 compatible analyzer, or in stand-alone mode with 12v power.

It performs the cap test in seconds at the touch of a button. Features a 20 foot
coil hose and a shoulder strap to permit portable or stationary operation.


  • Complies with EPA guidelines, and compatible with BAR-97 emission analyzers
  • 20’ Coil hose, 110V and 12V power adapters
  • One Year Warranty
  • Made in USA